The Global Impact of Thai Landrace Cannabis

Cannabis wasn't always grown in closely controlled conditions indoors. Throughout history, cannabis has typically grown in the wild or on the outskirts of civilization. Thai landrace cannabis strains are worth learning more about, especially for those interested in cannabis history and growing, as they form the foundation for many of the most popular hybrid strains currently on the market today.

Written by Ian Paskon

January 13, 2023

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1. Thai Cannabis Origins & History

2. Thai Cannabis Characteristics

3. Cannabis Strains with Thai Genetics

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Thai Cannabis: Origins & History

Thai landrace cannabis strains are rare cannabis plants that have a 100% sativa genetic make-up. Landrace means the cannabis species have successfully adapted to a specific habitat and have not been bred with any other cannabis species. Landraces are pure strains without genetic modification.

Cannabis is thought to have arrived in Thailand and Southeast Asia by way of India – where it was domestically cultivated and used for recreational, culinary, and holistic purposes. Despite being termed Thai, it might be more accurate to refer to these cannabis species as “Southeast Asian landraces.”


Illustration of Historical Cannabis Farms in Thailand

When US soldiers were transferred back from Vietnam in the 1960s, they brought Thai landrace cannabis strains back with them. The cannabis bundles, which were once referred to as “Thai sticks,” were more stronger than anything being produced in the USA at the time. These tightly packed bundles of cannabis were also seedless, which demonstrated a sophisticated growing technique not yet seen in the West.

Thai Cannabis Characteristics

Similar to other landraces throughout the world, Thai landrace cannabis strains swiftly gained popularity in the West due to their distinctive characteristics. Everything about them, from their growth pattern to their flavor and effect, was intriguing and beneficial to both growers and users.

Thai Cannabis Growing Characteristics

Thai landrace cannabis strains are huge plants that resemble a willow tree more than a traditional Christmas tree in terms of growth. The buds typically develop in a more compact and dense manner as opposed to longer colas. The branches of these plants also spread out and can bend. Thai is the king of sativas, with blooming durations that can last up to 20 weeks and normally range from 14 to 16 weeks on average.

What makes them develop so slow? Thai landraces are grown in tropical climates that do NOT experience limited daylight and cool weather like more northern or southern strains do. Therefore, these plants take their time to blossom. No rush, no problem, just like the Thai culture.

To the growers attempting a Thai landrace harvest, it can be challenging to replicate a tropical climate, but greenhouses provide the best chance for effective growing a Thai landrace cannabis strain. But you need a lot of patience and the ability to keep them warm to cultivate a pure Thai strain.


Thai Landrace Sativa in Blossom

The Effects of Thai Cannabis

You might be asking how Thai cannabis strains got so popular in the West, instead of the quick and simple indica strains that can be grown and harvested much faster.

Well, Thai sativa packs a punch that wasn’t available anywhere else up to that point. The potency of todays cannabis strains can reach up to 30% THC with the use of modern breeding procedures; some growers even claim to have gone over this mark. However, it is believed that Thai landrace strains had THC concentrations of around 13% in the 1960s, which was quite high at the time. So it’s understandable why they became so well-liked among users and growers.

Thai sativa’s most common effects include euphoric buzz, cerebral, energetic, creative, and potent.

Thai Cannabis Flavors and Aromas

Rich, earthy flavors can be found in Thai landrace cannabis strains. Since different plants have varied terpene profiles and hence have different tastes, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how they taste. A plant carefully grown in a greenhouse or under artificial lighting will taste different from one growing in the rainy plains of northern Thailand. However, there are a few similarities: Earth, Wood, Citrus, Chocolate, and Diesel

Cannabis Strains With Thai Genetics

When the US withdrew its soldiers from Vietnam, the supply of Thai cannabis to the USA decreased, but its legacy remains. It’s indeed possible to purchase genuine Thai landrace cannabis seeds, though it is questionable if they truly are.

Hybrids and trendy cannabis strains heard around the world today have Thai landraces rooted in their DNA. Here are a few cannabis strains derived from Thai landrace:


Haze is derived from Thai landrace sativa along with other landrace sativas from Colombia, Mexico, and India. Haze will make any user’s day better because it has a wonderful sativa high and distinct flavors of spice, gasoline, and citrus.


Haze Derived from Thai Landrace Sativa

OG Kush

OG Kush can be as amazing as cannabis can get! After all, it is the Original Gangster of Kush. OG Kush is a cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush. Despite being an indica-dominant strain, about 25% of OG Kush can be credited to Thai landrace sativa genetics.


OG Kush Derived from Thai Landrace Sativa

The genetics of Thai landrace cannabis have been used to breed some amazing cannabis strains in the world. The addition of these landrace strains have improved the overall quality and yield of todays cannabis farms. Overall, Thai landrace cannabis strains have had a significant impact on the global cannabis industry through their unique genetics, cultural significance and use in breeding programs.

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