Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about how we reached where we are today.

The Pioneers of Medical Cannabis

Established in 2018, FRESH MEDIQ takes pride in being the leading center for medical cannabis in eastern Thailand. Through close collaboration with the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), we have played an instrumental role in advancing the field of cannabis medicine in the country.

For a span of 5 years, we have provided vital medical cannabis patient data and follow-up information to the government. This data played a significant role in the legalization of cannabis in Thailand. Our contribution includes over 600 registered patients suffering from conditions such as cancer, neuropathic pain, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, PTSD, and pediatric autism.

Dr. Nuttamon Le Men M.D., a visionary in her field, was the first Doctor of Medicine M.D. (not T.T.M. or A.T.T.M.) to advocate for medical cannabis in Thailand, using her expertise and reputation to support its uses. While other M.D. Doctors at the time didn’t want to take the risk or be associated with the cannabis industry, Dr. Ann took the initiative and led the way.

She now serves on the board of consultants for The Government Pharmaceutical Organization GPO and most notably formulated THC Forte Cannabis Oil that’s still used in disease therapy today. Since 2018, FRESH MEDIQ has maintained FDA licenses for Category 2 – Category 5 Narcotics.

Revolutionizing Access to Medical Cannabis

In 2020, FRESH MEDIQ took a bold step by launching the first online telemedicine dispensary in Thailand. This groundbreaking platform facilitates patient registration, prescription, and remote delivery of cannabis across the country. Our aim is to ensure that patients can access cannabis medicine with ease, particularly during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Power of Partnership & The Bright Future Ahead

In 2022, FRESH MEDIQ formed strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations, including Westland Herb, The Golden Triangle Group GTG, and The Community Enterprise Network of Western Herbal Alliances. These collaborations strengthen our commitment to being at the forefront of medical cannabis in Asia, enabling us to offer even greater advancements and services.

The Medical Director – Dr. Nuttamon Le Men M.D.

Dr. Nuttamon Le Men M.D. (aka Dr. Ann) serves as our esteemed Medical Director specializing in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine. She is an alumni of Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA and brings with her 18 years of experience in the medical field in Thailand.

Dr. Ann holds a Post Graduate Diploma for Leadership in Medicine Southeast Asia Class of 2021 Harvard Medical School, Boston USA (HMS-LIM SEA 2021) and is certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine from Mae Fah Luang University. Dr. Ann actively pursued continuous education and professional development, attending workshops and training seminars, including Stem Cell Therapy For Medical Application 2023.

When she’s not operating FRESH MEDIQ, Dr. Ann can be found loving on her cats, eating all kinds of food, watching Japanese Anime, and hanging out with her best friends from Harvard Team 6!

The Driving Force Behind FRESH MEDIQ – Mr. Ian Paskon

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer COO, Ian Paskon is a Thai-American dual citizen with passions of connecting with people, creative work, and exotic adventures. While growing up, Ian used to visit Thailand sporadically, but he eventually moved to Thailand full-time in 2015.

Son of the late Dr. Pazgon Zechinon M.D. and Mrs. Karen Paskon LPN, Ian grew up running around his family’s medical clinic in the USA, where his father practiced for 45 years. In his high school days, Ian would help support the family clinic by computer typing patient records and preparing powerpoint presentations for Internal Medicine and Pediatric applications.

Mr. Paskon plays a vital role in the day-to-day operations of FRESH MEDIQ. He is the author of our informative blog series, FRESH Articles, and the creator of the HOW TO SERIES on YouTube. With expertise in consultative sales, web design, SEO, video production, creative content, and ad-buying, Ian brings invaluable skills to our team.

Illuminating the Path of Medical Cannabis in Thailand

At FRESH MEDIQ, innovative cannabis healthcare is our mission. We strive to be recognized as the foremost clinical leader in medical cannabis across Asia. With our unwavering dedication, extensive expertise, and a focus on patient care, we aim to improve lives and empower individuals through the potential of medical cannabis.


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